Pukeko (Swamp Hen)


Pukeko are found all over NZ in swampy areas although they also inhabit open grasslands and farms provided water isn't too far away.


The only bird you may confuse with the Pukeko is the Takahe however unless Takahe numbers increase by a factor of tens of thousands its unlikely you'll see them together. It should be noted that the NZ Pukeko is the same as the Swamp Hen found in Australia and New Guinnea.


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One of the unusual and little known facts about Pukeko's is that they are a relatively recent arrival from Australia with fossils only found back to 400 years. They're an active scavenger and one of the few birds doing OK alongside people.


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David: (posted 2012-04-17 01:12:42)
So who brought them to NZ?

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