Penguin - Yellow Eyed (Hoiho)


As with most penguins Yellow Eyed Penguins are sea birds however they tend to nest in the bush around the coast, sometimes some distance away from the sea up steep slopes. They are found in the South East of the South Island between Oamaru and Campbell Island and some of the offshore subantarctic islands.


Yellow eyed penguins are similar to other NZ penguins with a yellow band around the head however they have distinctive yellow eyes and the crest isn't as pronounced as other penguins.


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New Zealands rarest penguin the yellow eyed penguin is also one of the best known thanks to some TV adverts (mainland cheese) and the conservation effort. They are a major attraction in Oamaru and the lower east of the South Island contributing significant tourist dollars to the local economies.

Yellow eyed penguin
Yellow eyed penguin

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