Kingfisher (Kotare)


Kingfisher are most common near rivers, beaches and lakes where they can usually be found surveying the surrounds from the highest vantage point. While they aren't often seen they are quite common in urban areas where powerlines are a particular favourite haunt.


The Kingfisher found in NZ (Halcyon sancta vagans) is a subspecies of a family widely distributed throughout the southern pacific including Australia, New Guinea, Eastern Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia. They are prodominantly blue on both their heads and wings with yellow or white over the rest of their bodies. In profile their most distinctive feature is their beak which is long and tapered.


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The Kingfisher diet in dependant on location however pretty much anything's on the menu. They're quite playful birds and I've seen them actively hunt crabs when far easier food was available.

Kingfisher surveying the surroundings

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