Whitby Lakes


These well used, shortish tracks run round the scenic lower and Upper Whitby Lake. On a nice day you'll be sharing the tracks with joggers, mums pushing prams and groups picnicing on the grass. The lower lake is reasonably well looked after if a little artificial and even has some fish but please keep it that way by picking up any rubbish you find along the way. The upper lake is much more natural but smaller.


Access is via a number of points off Discovery Dr


Whitby is named after the seaside town in Yorkshire with building of the village starting in 1971.


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Lower Whitby Lake

Whitby Lakes This large, manmade lake is very popular with the locals. It also has a reasonable population of ducks and swans along with some introduced fish species (although this may have changed since they emptied the lakes a few years back). Whitby village is nearby with refreshments should this short walk prove too much.

Time and Difficulty

To circumnavigate the lake takes around 10 minutes at a leisurely pace dodging the joggers.

Distance and Height

The distance is around 1.4km including all the side tracks or around 900m just for the lake itself

Upper Whitby Lake

Upper Lake This is the smaller of the two lakes and the track doesn't quite circumnavigate the lake climbing instead to a nearby road however its the better looking of the two lakes. The track is more basic than the highway on the lower lake but this just adds to the charm.

Time and Difficulty

The track takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete but allow another 5 minutes to walk back to the car if your doing a loop.

Distance and Height

The distance is around 800m with a couple of side tracks along the way

Upper Lake
The track and upper lake

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