Miramar and Seatoun


This area is best known for its tracks that cling to the steep sides of the hills and the 360 degree views from the tops. It's also home to two of Wellington's monuments and a number of well placed WW2 gun placements.

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Maupuia Walkway

Marpuia Walkway This walkway winds its way slowly on lush grass at a gentle gradient sidling up the hill then takes a steep turn down to Shelly Bay. The views of the seaward side of Mt Vic are well worth the effort. Best to either take two cars, a bike or allow extra time for the road bash back. Entry points are from a small carpark along Akaroa Dr, another small side road off Akaroa Dr and from Shelly Bay

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 45 minutes to complete the whole track or 20 minutes if your only doing the top track

Distance and Height

The track is 1.3km long with the steep climb up from the coast taking around 400m to climb the 80m or so.

Dorset Point

Dorset Point This network of tracks either heads around the coast or inland over the top of the bluffs. It's best to do the coastal track when the wind is light and the tide isn't full unless you enjoy salty hair and wet feet. In general, the tracks are reasonably good however some of the inland tracks are overgrown with gorse. The area was originally settled by the local Maori tribe as the heavily fortified Oruaiti Pa. In 1910 large gun batteries were first installed to protect Wellington Harbour. The area was upgraded during both World Wars and was finally decommissioned in 1957. From Seatoun access is via either Ludlam or Burnham Streets or from Breaker Bay Road

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 45 minutes to wander on the beach around the headland one way. Allow a similar time to get back if you take the road

Distance and Height

There are a number of tracks however the walk around on the beach around the headland is around 2.1km long one way.

Araturk Memorial loop

Araturk Walkway While the main attraction on this loop track is the Araturk monument its also a popular walkway amongst the locals. The gradient is reasonably friendly with the exception of the steep wander down from the monument to the lower carpark but even this is short and sharp. On a good day you can look forward to views of the coast and the South Island down as far as Kairkoura. The monument itself was a gift from Turkish President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, an army commander, politician and Turkeys first President. The monument is quite moving with alot of information about the 1st World War and NZs involvement. In addition the Rangitatau area in the valley near the lower carpark was the Pa for the Ngai Tara tribe destroyed in 1820 by an invading tribe. The lower carpark is off Moa Point Rd near the point itself. Other access is available from the strangely named Pass Of Branda and the end of Bowes Cr.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around a 15 minute slog to get to the memorial from the lower Moa Point Rd carpark and a further half an hour to complete the loop up towards Bowes Cr and back down the valley.

Distance and Height

The loop track is around 1.9km long including the trip up to Bowes Cr (a side trip from the main loop)

Pass of Branda to Tarakena Bay via Araturk Memorial

This area can be quite tricky as it hugs the side of steep slopes in places and is quite exposed to the weather. The views of both Seatoun and Eastborne will keep you going so pick a nice day and take your time. The track runs between Pass of Branda off Breaker Bay Rd and Bowes Cr with several other access points along the way

Time and Difficulty

Allow around an hour one way to follow the main path from the Pass of Branda to Bowes Cr. There are a number of side tracks around the pass leading to various other access points

Distance and Height

The track is around 2.1km long one way between the Pass of Branda and the start of the Araturk Memorial loop. There are a further 2km of tracks providing access to the main track.

Massey Memorial and WW2 gun emplacements

Massey Memorial This track takes walkers from the coast up to the historic Massey Memorial and, for those who are keen, a hidden track continues up the hill through the reserve to the WW1 and WW2 defensive bunkers and bun emplacements. The memorial itself was completed in 1930 and includes the burial crypt for William Massey, Prime Minister of NZ between 1912 to 1925 and his wife Christina Massey. The memorial deserved to visited more then it is

Time and Difficulty

The work up to the memorial is around 15 minutes at a strolling pace and allow a further 15-20 minutes to get up to the defensive works.

Distance and Height

Most people only take the main track up to the memorial which is 370m long and rises only 40m vertical. The WW1 and WW2 works are a further 400m along

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