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Wellington South provies the unusual opportunity to bushwalk between cafes. The green belt provides great views out to the South Island and many an hour is wiled away watching the planes arrive and depart from the airport.

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Truby King Park

Kilbirnie Mountain Bike Track This gentle track runs along a gravel road up to the water tanks and then does a u turn to carry on up the hill through the pine trees to Truby King house. The track itself also connects with the histoic garden for those who want to meander or you can take the driveway out. This track is sometimes used to access Mt Albert Reserve and the other zoo tracks. You can take your bike and a number of side tracks are included for those who like a technical challenge. The house and gardens were the former residence of Sir Frederick Truby King, founders of the Plunket Society and the Karatane hospital which can still be found below the house. If you're joining the track from Mt Vic, the track starts at the end of Coramandel St off Owen St or you can start at the bottom of the gravel road near the zoo in Owen St or the top in Manchester Terrace

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 30 minutes to walk from the zoo to Manchester Terrace or between 15 and 20m on a bike.

Distance and Height

The track is around 1.0km one way and altitude is between 60m and 130m.

Zoo Fence Walkway

Zoo Fence Walkway This short track follows the Zoo fence from Melrose Park back to the Zoo entrance. Probably the only track in NZ where the animal life includes baboons, tigers and zebras (and yes they can all be seen, smelt and heard from the fence). The track uses steps at the top end to get down the steep slope. Access is from Manchester St, Melrose Cr or Sutherland Cr

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 15 minutes one way

Distance and Height

The track is around 1.0km one way and altitude is between 60m and 130m.

Mt Albert Park

Mt Albert Park This group of tracks provide access to Mt Albert, a prominant hill above New Town. Well used for recreation by walkers and bikers alike the tracks are in reasonably good condition although the ridge track leading to the summit is a little overgrown by gorse in places. Unfortunately the summit of the ridge offers the best views looking up the harbour and Hutt Valley. Another attraction in the area is the zoo which provides some interesting and out of place animal noises. Access is from Melrose Park off Sutherland Rd or Mt Albert Rd.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 20 minutes to get from Melrose Park to Mt Albert Rd.

Distance and Height

The track is around 2.0km long however you have a number of options for round trips.

Houghton Bay and Buckley Rd Reserve

Houghton Bay These tracks provide access from near the top of Mt Albert back down to Houghton Bay. The area is well used by the locals out for a stroll or casual jog. This area also forms part of the Southern Walkway so keep an eye out for lost tourists looking at maps and give a friendly, helping hand. All the tracks are in excellent condition and you'll get good views over Houghton Bay and the South Coast for those who put in the effort.

Time and Difficulty

These aren't overly long tracks and you should only need around 10-15 minutes to do the main Buckley St Reserves track one way. The full loop will take between 30 and 40 minutes at walking pace.

Distance and Height

There is around 2.6km of tracks if you do the full circuit or the main track down through the Buckley St Reserves is around 800m long.

City to Sea Walkway and Tawatawa Reserve

Tawatawa Reserve and City 2 Sea These linked tracks run along the ridge between Brooklyn and Island Bay/Berhampore. The highlight must be the statue on the highest point of the ridge, I'm not sure what it represents but the location is superb. Tawatawa Reserve which occupies the space between the ridgeline and the valley floor is also worth a look and our support.

Time and Difficulty

The area caters to everything from 10 minute strolls to the three or four hours required to see it all.

Distance and Height

There is over 8km of tracks in this area and seemingly everywhere that could have a track does.

Te Raekaihau Reserve

Te Raekaihau Reserve These tracks provide access between Te Raekaihau Point on the coast and the hilly suburbs of View and Hungerford roads. Unfortunately as of 2012 the tracks are in fairly poor condition however they are followable with some scrambling. This is unfortunate as the views of Lyall Bay and the airport are pretty good.

Time and Difficulty

If you do the full loop it takes around 45 minutes but allow some time to take in the views.

Distance and Height

There is around 2km of tracks if you do the full circuit including the Ruru track and lookouts.

Mobile tower at Owhiro Bay

Mobile tower at Owhiro Bay I found this track by accident when I was trying to find the start of the track accessing Te Kaupohou Reserve from Owhiro Bay. The track is quite steep over the last 100m but is pretty decent the rest of the way.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 15 minutes to get to the top and a little quicker coming back down

Distance and Height

The track is around 950m long and rises to 135m above sealevel.

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