Porirua, Eastern Suburbs and Cannons Creek


Porirua has a number of excellent walks and bike rides within easy reach of the central city. This is one city that should be very proud of their walkways. Unfortunately these tracks need to be used more often; either use them or lose them. Highlights would have to be the Clifftop walk and Porirua Scenic Reserve

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Takapuwahia Track

Takapuwhia Track

This is a firebreak running up to private farmland at the top of the ridge. Reasonably OK gradient going up and a great rush coming back down on your bike. The route has a main loop with a single track over the last 300 metres but don't try going down the numerous side tracks, they usually end in the middle of the gorse. If you are on your bike please respect other users and keep an eye out for walkers. The track can be accessed from Takapuwahia Dr or Titahi Bay Rd

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 30 minutes one way. A lot quicker coming down if you've got a bike.

Distance and Height

The track is around 1.9km one way and climbs a total of 130m

Clifftop Track

Clifftop Walk

This track runs around the rocky headland of Titahi Bay giving excellent views on a nice day. Most of its a reasonably leisurely stroll along the verge of the road but the last section up the cliff shouldn't be attempted by anyone with a healthy respect for heights. The track starts at Lambley Rd, runs along Terrace Rd then up Richard St giving access to the actual clifftop walk

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 30 to 40 minutes one way

Distance and Height

The track is around 1.2km long one way and climbs a total of 60m

Titahi Bay Stuart Park

Titahi Bay This group of tracks run through the stunted coastal scrub of Stuart Park at the Southern end of Titahi Bay. The two main tracks run around the edges of the park. The bottom of the tracks near the boatshed is the original site of Bill McArthurs dive shop, tearooms and a seaquarium. These were removed in 1990. Access is from either Moki St at the top of the park or South Beach Access Rd at the bottom.

Time and Difficulty

Allow anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes depending on where you go

Distance and Height

The park has around3km of tracks, enough to keep most busy for some time

Whitireia Park

Whitireia park This track runs round the coast, up the hill and back down a creek valley. This is more of a strolling track although coming down the creek valley can be fun on a decent bike. The track round the coast is reasonably overgrown but followable whereas the creek valley track is a gravel highway. An interesting side note is that the top of the track overlooks Titahi Bay golf course where Michael Campbell learnt his trade. The area has a long history of Maori occupation including Ngati Toa although few signs exist today. On February 10th 2010 a fire, the result of intentional arson, ripped through the park and endangered nearby housing however the park has recovered well.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 15 to complete the loop

Distance and Height

The track is around 5.7km including the inland loop and climbs a total of 70m

City Rahia Walkway

City Walk

This short walkway runs from Porirua city to Rahia St and the start of the Colonial Knob and Porirua Scenic Reserve walkways. On its own it's quite a pleasant stroll with several boardwalk bridges adding variety. Good fun on a bike when coming from Rahia into the city with lots of challenging tree roots to negotiate. The walkway runs between Rahia St and Hagley St or Titahi Bay Rd.

Time and Difficulty

Allow between 10 and 15 minutes one way

Distance and Height

The track is around 970m long for the whole loop and climbs a total of 20m

Colonial Knob Walkway

Colonial Knob

This walkway provides access to breathtaking 360 degree views from Colonial Knob. The area is well travelled and on a good day you can feel like you're queuing towards the top. This area is also good fun on a bike provided you put the effort in to get it to the top.

Time and Difficulty

Allow between 1.5 and 2 hours to do the main loop. Its about the same if you do the return trip to Broken Hill via the reservoir

Distance and Height

The main loop is 6.7km from Raiha St to Broken Hill but you can extend this using other tracks. The walkway rises between 60m and 460m.

Porirua Scenic Reserve

Porirua Scenic Reserve This network of tracks provide access to Porirua Scenic Reserve, a large area of reasonably mature native forest to the side of Colonial Knob. One of the highlights is the birdsong which can be deafening in spring and the excellent quality of the main tracks. This is also a good area for those who enjoy bush bashing but don't try this unless you are handy with a map and compass (or GPS).

Distance and Height

The area has around 10km of tracks which should be plenty for most people

Bothamley Park and Cannons Creek Walkway

Cannons Creek Walkway

This group of 4wd tracks run along the banks of Cannons Creek. The track is never more than a hundred metres from major housing areas and the scenery does suffer from some polution however overall this is a pleasant route and is amongst my favourite short bike downhills in Wellington.

Time and Difficulty

Allow anything from half to a full hour depending on whether you're walking and which routes you intend to take. I can get from Ascott Park to Porirua railway station in around fifteen minutes on my bike.

Distance and Height

The area has around 7km of tracks

Papakowhai Walkway

Papakowhai walkway This is a group of tracks linking various roads running through a small patch of Manuka bush. The track uses lots of stairs and boardwalks to get up and down the steep faces and avoid damaging the fragile regrowth beech forest. The highlight must be the bush itself which is one of the best examples of regenerating bush in the Wellington region. You can access the walkway from Kinloch Pl, Domoch Pl, Kinnel Gr, Yarrow Pl, Crommarty Pl or Glengravel Gr

Time and Difficulty

Its easy to spend 30 minutes or more checking out various tracks but it only takes around 10 minutes to get from one end to the other.

Distance and Height

The area has around 4km of tracks

Aotea Lagoon

Aotea Lagoon This small but well used lagoon features some great short walks, a train, gardens and one of the best childrens playgrounds in Wellington. The main track runs around the lagoon and is well used by both walkers and joggers. You can also take side tracks into the botanical gardens or the childrens playground.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 10 minutes to stroll around the lagoon or double that to take in all the sites.

Distance and Height

The main lagoon track is 732m for a full circuit.

Conclusion Walkway

Pukeatua Track

This track sidles towards the top of the ridge and offers very good views out over the harbour towards Porirua and Colonial Knob. The track runs between Doncaster Tce/Livet Pl and Whitford Brown Ave. You can choose to exit to the Watertank or down to Iona Pl.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around an easy 15 minutes walking time end to end. It is also possible to do this on your bike but you will have to walk your bike from time to time.

Distance and Height

The track is around 1.3km long.

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