Stokes Valley


Stokes Valley is surprisingly blessed with a number of excellent tracks on both sides of the valley. The high ridge over which the ECNZ runs forms the mainstay but the opposite side of the valley includes a number of interesting tracks leading into the Hutt Valley.

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ECNZ road to Silverstream

Silverstream track

This rugged track leads from the ECNZ road down through various forest trails to the base of the Silverstream valley. The quality of the tracks varies markedly from wide open trail to some scrub bashing. The area is covered in trails so allow plenty of time to get Geographically Embarrassed. Overall the trails are good fun on a mountain bike as long as you don't mind mud. The trail starts at Kiln St in Silverstream.

Time and Difficulty

Allow between 1.5 and 2 hours if walking up to the ECNZ road. Going the other way saves around half an hour.

Distance and Height

6.4km from the junction with ECNZ road to Kiln St

ECNZ Eastern Hutt Road

ECNZ Road Eastern Hutt

This awesome 4wd firebreak stretches between the top of the Blue Mountains in Upper Hutt through to the summit of the Wainuiomata Road. The road is in good condition in most places although be wary of ruts and puddles which can be surprisingly deep. A number of access points along the way can be used to shorten the road however if you're going the full distance either have two cars or make use of the Hutt Valley trains.

Time and Difficulty

If you're walking allow at least five hours but the bike ride can be done somewhere between two and three depending on how much actual riding you do

Distance and Height

The track is around 17.1km long and varies between 180m and 450m height above seal level.

Kingsley st to ECNZ rd

Stokes Valley

This trail is an easy, gentle way to access the ECNZ rd from Stokes Valley. The Stokes Valley end of the track is an excellent gravel road but it gets more rural the closer to the top you come. Be aware at the very top end as the exit to the ECNZ rd isn't obvious and can be a scramble, particularly if you're heading down from the ECNZ rd to Stokes Valley.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around an hour to get from Stokes Valley to the junction with the ECNZ road. You can half this on a bike going the other way.

Distance and Height

The track is around 3.7km long and rises between 130m and 310m above sealevel.

Stokes Valley Rd to ECNZ

Stokes Valley Rd-ECNZ

This steep track provides access to the ridge and the ECNZ Rd. The track is steep in places and isn't recommended for getting your bike up to the ECNZ Rd. The very top runs for a short distance along a spur joining the main ridge which can be difficult to follow and has plenty of gorse for the unwary. The track starts off the very end of Stokes Valley Rd.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 45 minutes for this track, a little quicker going down than up but not as much as you might think.

Distance and Height

The track is only around 1.3km long however quite steep running between 130m and 400m above sealevel.

Kamahi Track

Kamahi St - ECNZ

This track is a little gentler then the Stokes Valley Rd track although its still difficult in places particularly the scramble up the dry creek bed around a third of the way up. For the determined, the view from the top is worth the effort. The track can form a loop with the Stakes Valley Rd track however you'll have a decent road bash to get back to the car. The tracks starts at the end of Kamahi St and is well signposted. The track can also be accessed from the ECNZ Rd at the other end.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 50 minutes to get up to the top and a little less going down.

Distance and Height

The track is around 1.7km long, running between 120m and 430m above sealevel.

West Stokes Valley Track To Taita

Stokes Valley - Taita

This 4wd access track can be used to get from Stokes Valley to Taita via some watertanks and glorious views out over the valleys. The track is in reasonable condition with the exception of some broken tarseal sections that have become overgrown. The track runs between Shaftsbury Grove in Stokes Valley and Eastern Hutt Rd.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around an hour end to end or another 15 minutes to return via the track between Taita College and the watertanks.

Distance and Height

The track is around 2.9km including some ups and downs along the way but nothing too strenuous.

West Stokes Valley To Taita College

Stokes Valley - Taita

This is a side 4wd track that goes straight down the hill and comes out near the International School and across the road from Taita railway station. NOTE the International School is private land and so please exit the track at the gate, a side track leads down into Taita Intermediate.

Time and Difficulty

Allow around 10 minutes to get down and a little more if your doing the hard slog

Distance and Height

The track is around 800m long running between 130m and 30m above sealevel.

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