Ngaio, Wilton, Tressilick Park and Tinakori Hill


Considering how close this is to the central city this area is blessed with options for hitting the great outdoors.

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Northern Walkway

Mount Kaukau

The Northern Walkway links a number of tracks and stretches of road to form a walkway between Truscott Av in Johnsonville and the Botanical Gardens in Wellington central. Unusually the track breaks out into civilisation in a few spots around Ngaio and Wadestown so it's possible to have a latte and nibbles along the way. You'll need a reasonable level of fitness but on a good day most should be capable of completing the walkway, just allow more time and take in the spectacular views. Unfortunately it isn't well signposted in places so take a long a map.

Time and Difficulty

Allow anywhere between 4 and 7 hours depending on your fitness and ability.

Distance and Height

The track is around 16km long and it is possible to use the trains and buses to make the loop.

Skyline Walkway


This is one of the must do tracks in Wellington region for anyone who has a heartbeat. The track officially runs between the top of the Makara Rd in Karori and Mt Kaukau in Johnsonville but includes a number of additional access points along the way. The track is poled in places which can be difficult to follow in low cloud whiteout conditions but overall the track is in good condition. This is also included as a mountain bike track but be prepared to get off your bike and push from time to time

Time and Difficulty

Allow between 4 and 6 hours one way for the full track

Distance and Height

The track is around 11km long

Trelissick Park

Trelissick Park This track provides access between the harbour and Crofton Downs/Ngaio. Running through quite a deep gorge, the travel is surprisingly easy if you stick to the stream and also includes some historic ruins along the way.

Time and Difficulty

This is quite a long walk taking around three hours to complete but on a bike it can be done in around half this time

Distance and Height

This track is around 9.7km long and runs between 135m and 385m above sealevel

Piwakawaka Track


This unusual bush track runs between Old Porirua Rd and Cockayne Rd taking in an underground reservoir at its high point. The track itself is easy enough to follow but suffers from a lack of recent attention (as at 2011) however the views from the reservoir are stunning. Be careful of this track after rain as it can get slippery. Not a track for mountain bikers unfortunately

Time and Difficulty

Allow between 20 and 30 mins to walk one way

Distance and Height

This track is around a 1km long and rises around 100m from its low point

Wilton Bush

Wilton Bush Wilton Bush is partly botanical garden and partly outdoor recreational reserve. While it has everything the family might want its real claim to fame is its walk through the tree tops. It also features one of the most used BBQ areas in Wellington and a wealth of information about Wilton Bush and the various Flora and Fauna that live there.

Time and Difficulty

You can spend a few minutes or a few hours, its up to you.

Distance and Height

Wilton bush has over 6km of tracks available but most people only see the parts near the Tree Tops Walk

Chartwell Dr to Skyline 1

Chartwell Dr to Skyline

This is the easiest way to get onto Skyline from the very top of Chartwell Drive. The track runs over a well graded 4WD track, often used by Transpower to access the transmission lines so keep an eye out. If you're on your bike this is a great downhill back to civilisation.

Time and Difficulty

Walkers should allow between 20 and 30 minutes but cyclists can get down in handfull of minutes.

Distance and Height

The track is 1.8km from the end of Chartwell Dr to the junction with the Skyline Track. The track runs between 210m and 330m above sealevel.

Chartwell Dr to Skyline 2

Chartwell Dr to Skyline

While this isn't as easy as the track off the top of Chartwell Dr it is arguably more interesting and provides better views. The track starts just after the last houses on Chartwell Dr and is well signposted. The track condition is reasonable and well graded, initially dropping back into the valley then gradually rising to meet the Skyline Track. It also has an access track into Wilton Bush.

Time and Difficulty

Walkers should allow around 30 minutes but cyclists can get down in half this time.

Distance and Height

The track is 3km from the end of Chartwell Dr to the junction with the Skyline Track. The track drops to 140m and rises to 270m above sealevel.

Skyline Makara Track

Skyline Makara

This track is an alternate route along Skyline Track that uses some side valleys on the Makara side to provide a much more challenging route. The track is in surprisingly good condition but some sections are steep and it can be difficult to navigate with a number of adjoining tracks. The route can be done on a bike.

Time and Difficulty

This track shouldn't be taken lightly so allow around an hour and a half or more

Distance and Height

The track is around 6km in length and includes a 300m drop into the valley followed by a 200m climb back up.

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