Kakariki (New Zealand parakeet)


Kakariki are reasonably rare on the mainland however they can still be seen particuarly on the verges of forest and marginal farmland. They are much more common on offshore islands free of predators such as Kapiti.


Karaiki and very handsome parrots around the same size as Tui but much more sleek and streamlined. They are predominantly green with either a red or yellow crown on the head.


Kakariki.net, Wikipedia, NZbirds.com


Kakariki were one of NZs most prolific bird species before habitat destruction and competition from introduced predators caused numbers to plummet last century. They are now more common in captivity then the wild but can still be seen on the mainland occasionally.


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3 COMMENTS POSTED about Kakariki (New Zealand parakeet)

Matt: (posted 2012-05-13 22:22:41)
I've also seen them around Lake TeAnau but the best place to see them is around the Kapiti Coast in Wellington where, I assume, they fly across from Kapiti Island.

james bower: (posted 2012-05-13 22:19:30)
i seen one for the first time up the woosley river at the top of TeAnau lake last year and have wondered what it was untill now

robin lee: (posted 2012-08-05 01:35:34)
observed 04/08/2012 in Timaru in a garden near the coastline. Larger than a parakeet and feeding apparently on small insects. Head was marked in brownish red but otherwise as per the picture on this website. when on the ground hopped and flight not very graceful. Noted also the tip of white at the end of the wings.Never seen before and familiar with the usual natives in the garden as well as finches. this bird larger than waxeyes[nearly twice the size] and no colouring near the eyes.

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