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In terms of both overall area and walking track length this is one of the largest parks in the Wellington region stretching between the Hutt Valley in the east, Tawa/Porirua in the west and the Haywards Hill Road to the north. In terms of variety this is also one of the great Wellington outdoor playgrounds catering well to mixed uses and different fitness levels. Most of the park is farmland which does present issues with access during lambing season early to late spring but the tradeoff is the awesome views without trees getting in the way.

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Puke Ariki Travers

Kilmeister Track This track runs the length of the park from Dry Creek in the north through to Korokoro in the south although the quality of the track varies depending on section. You can also access parts of the track from feeder tracks all through the park. It can be done entirely on your bike if thats your poison but beware you will be carrying your bike from time to time.This track shouldn't be taken lightly as some sections, particularly on the ridgeline, are difficult to follow if clouded in but overall this route should be doable if your well equipped and have the right day. This is one of the premier day tracks in the Wellington region and should be on any outdoorz enthusiests bucket list.

Time and Difficulty

The track time is anywhere between five hours and a full day depending on your fitness level and how you're getting around.

Distance and Height

22.2km from Dry Creek at the base of the Haywards Hill Road through to Cornish St in Korokoro.

Dry Creek Track

Belmont Regional Park - Dry Creek

This track forms a loop with Puke Ariki and runs from the Dry Creek carpark through farm and gorse land meeting Puke Ariki half way towards Boulder Hill. While its not an easy track the views back into the park are worthwhile on a nice day and you're unlikely to see many people until you hit the Puke Ariki track. With some effort, the track can be done on a bike.

Time and Difficulty

To do the section between the carpark and the junction with Puke Ariki allow between 60 and 90 minutes with another 30 minutes to return to the carpark down Puke Ariki. If you've got a bike you'll save yourself around 30 minutes for the entire loop.

Distance and Height

5.4km from the carpark to the junction with Puke Ariki than a further 3.3km to return down Puke Ariki.

Kaitangata Track

Kaitagata Track

This tracks provides access from Kaitangata Avenue in Kelson up to Puke Ariki, joining the main ridge south of Boulder Hill. The track has a moderate gradient with a short, zig zag section at the start followed by a consistent gradient but is easier then starting from Dry Creek. The track is in fair condition and looks like it gets a reasonable amount of foot traffic although it can also be biked both ways. The views are pretty good, particularly looking back towards Kelson from the stunted bush at the top of the track.

Time and Difficulty

Walking the track takes around half an hour uphill with a saving of around ten minutes if you're going the other way. Biking doesn't save any time going up but you can half the downhill time and still stay onside with other track users.

Distance and Height

2km from the carpark to the junction with Puke Ariki. Vertical height ranges between 150m and 390m

Belmont Road

Belmont Road

This road gently meanders into the heart of the Belmont Regional Park with rewarding views over Porirua and Boulder Hill. On a mountain bike the trip down is a gentle rush but watch out for walkers. The track goes past a number of magazine bunkers built in this supposedly hidden location during the second world war. The first bunkers were built in 1942 and continued till 1944. Today the bunkers are used for storing farm equipment.

Time and Difficulty

The track takes between 35 and 45 minutes to get to the junction with the Puke Ariki track and another 15 to 25 minutes to get to Hill Road. The track is in excellent condition with a relatively gentle gradient.

Distance and Height

2.5km from the top of Belmont Rd to the junction with the Puke Ariki track.

Duck Creek Track

Duck Creek Track This track runs from the end of Takapu Road over the foot hills to Duck Creek and up to the main ridge north of Round Knob. If is often combined with other tracks from Cannons Creek Lake Reserve.. Duck creek itself is relatively gentle but surprising you aren't allowed to takes bikes past the turnoff for Cannons Head. The track up to the main ridge is reasonably consistent with some steeper sections but nothing that can't be handled by most. A highlight at the top are the old army magazine stores from the second world war.

Time and Difficulty

Takapu Road to the turnoff for the ridge will take mere mortals around an hour but allow another hour for the climb or half an hour if you're lucky enough to be going the other way.

Distance and Height

2.5km from Takapu Road to the turnoff from Duck Creek up to the ridge. The hill section is a further 2km.

Takapu Track

Cannons Head Track

This track can be started from either Cannons Creek Lake Reserve or the end of Takapu Road. Travel between the start points is excellent with good signage although the track can get a little damp as it is in a reasonably deep valley. The section from Takapu Road to Cannons Head ridge is marked with poles and a ground trail but keep your eyes open as it can get difficult to follow in places. Naturally the eye popping views are from the top of the ridge but the whole track offers much to those willing to put in the effort. Bikes are allowed but it would be difficult in the long grass between the ridge and Takapu road.

Time and Difficulty

Allow between 20 minutes and half an hour for the section between the Lakes Reserve and Takapu Road. The rest of the track takes a more leisurely 45 minutes to an hour up quite a steep slope in places. In terms of vertical height its a fairly easy 80m for the first section and a further 220m for the main climb.

Distance and Height

1.3km from the Lakes Reserve to Takapu Road and a further 1.8km to the top of the ridge.

Cannons Creek Lake Reserve Track and Cannons Head Track

Takapu Rd Track

While this can be done as a single track accessing the main ridge it can be joined with the many other tracks in the area to make different sized loops catering to all abilities. Naturally the best views are from the top, although if you want a really good photo wander south along the ridge to Cannons Head (signposted). The tracks starts at Cannons Creek Lakes Reserve with plenty of carparking behind the shops. Meanders through the park then its a climb through the foothills to reach the Duck Creek track. Only a few metres down the road is where the real climb starts to reach the ridge. This section is a poled route but a good ground trail makes this easy to follow.

Time and Difficulty

If you're heading uphill allow around an hour and a bit to get to the ridge (a little less if you're biking but you will be pushing the bike in places). Going the other way saves around a quarter of an hour.

Distance and Height

2.6km from the Lake Reserve to the Duck Creek track and a further 1.4km to the top of the ridge.

Horokiwi Bridleway

Belmont Trig

This is really a group of tracks that run between Horikiwi Road and the main Belmont ridge. The actual bridleway track runs from Horikiwi down to the creek, past Baked Bean Bend (smell something odd in that name) and up a spur that runs parallel with Puke Ariki but you have some other options. These tracks aren't often travelled so there great if you're after some solitude away from the masses.

Time and Difficulty

You have a few options but nothing thats gonna take less than around an hour and a half one way between Horikiwi and the trig so allow plenty of time.

Distance and Height

1.1km from Horokiwi Rd to the creek then a further 1.2km siddling the creek and a final 320m uphill climb over 2.2km to reach Belmont trig.

Korokoro Dam

Belmont Reservoir

This track runs from Puke Ariki up the Korokoro stream, past the dam and onwards to join the Straton Street Belmont Trig track. The dam itself isn't overly exciting but is a nice spot for lunch. The track itself is well marked and in good condition although it does get a little scrappy towards the Straton St Belmont Trig end. Unfortunately bikes aren't allowed between the dam and the Belmonth Trig track.

Time and Difficulty

Allow at least 1.5 - 2 hours one way

Distance and Height

1.2km from the junction with Puke Ariki to the dam and a further 1.9km to the junction with the Straton St Belmont Trig track.

Kilmister Track

Kilmeister Track This is one of the more difficult Belmont tracks and is best done on a mountain bike unless you have a spare 3 or 4 hours. The terrain isn't too bad although a little up and down in places. The lower track can be a little hard to follow as some of the poles marking the route have been removed so keep an eye out.

Time and Difficulty

Allow at least 1.5 - 2 hours to do the circuit from Hill Rd

Distance and Height

12km for the loop from Hill Rd, along Kilmister and back via Belmont Rd.

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